Memoirs of Insignificant Me

Memoirs of Insignificant Me

Thursday, July 4, 2013

How this Independence Day Blog became about panties? I'll never know!

Of course!  Don't act like you didn't know that I was going to this.  "Perpetually single me" not blog about being solo on Independence Day...  C'mon now.  It has to be done.  This time next year I can be married with two kids!!!  (Most guys I've met recently have kids, just sayin')  While scrolling on my news feed the other day I saw a picture of Snow White with a beverage and the quote on the bottom read "I love being single".  Two thoughts came to mind.  1.Why haven't I seen the uncut version of that movie and  2. What girl has ever said that and meant it?  Being single for 4 years has forced me to understand and appreciate all shades of life a little more. I have had to stop seeing life as one big "To Do List" and started seeing it as a "Sunday Cruise". I always thought I'd be in a certain place, with a certain person and certain things at this point of my life.  My mind is one big Noun Cluster Flock! And by my own standards I'm a full decade behind the life I thought I should have at 29. So what does this have to do with being happy and single? Well let me explain, life is better explained with my panty drawers (wait. I'm going somewhere with this). I have two drawers for my panties, one is for my pretty sets, lace, mesh, barely there and generally uncomfortable but totally appealing to the eye. The other drawer is for anything cotton that is not remotely sexy but super comfy. After a two year relationship that left me feeling anything but sexy my mom and friends and I would raid semi-annual panty sales and thats when my pretty panty hoarding began.  They would collect and I would occasionally take a peek just to see and one day I thought, what the hell am I doing? And what and who am I waiting for?!  That was the day I decided I would never wait to live my life for anyone. Life is happening now! Besides, I always have better days when my unmentionables match ;) so until happily ever after... The lace ones it is!

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